Suitable For

*Welding fumes, cutting fumes, cutting dust, laser fumes, plasma
fumes, grinding dust, glueing vapors, drilling dust and much more.



Technical data



*The device can be used for numerous fields
of application. The mobile suction and filter
unit filters fume and dust and neutralizes
odors. The suction arm (alternatively with
hose) extracts polluted air exactly where it is
produced. The device filters particles or gases
in a four-level filter process including a gross
filter, a prefilter, an activated carbon filter and
a main filter.
*The unit meets the security requirements of
units of the welding fume category W3 (high
alloy steels). If you handle the unit correctly,
you can use it for circulating air operation
because it fulfills the requirements of the ex-
ceptional rules according to the new German
Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefstoffV).

Standard equipment

► Gross filter with a large surface
► Prefilter
► Activated carbon filter
► Main filter with separation
efficiency of ≥ 99 %
► Electronic filter monitoring
► Operating hours metre
► 5 m mains cable
► Suction arm 3 m in hose version with
internal joints
► Suction hose 3 m with hood and magnetic


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