Submerged-Arc welding

Submerged-Arc Welding Technique

Submerged-arc welding (SAW) is a process where the arc and the weld pool are hidden beneath a granular powder. Submerged-arc welding is a high-performance welding process that is used economically for materials with a thickness of 6 mm and more. Unalloyed, low-alloyed and high-alloyed steel can be welded. Submerged-arc welding is mainly used in shipbuilding, bridge and steel construction as well as container production.

In addition to the equipment for submerged-arc welding the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweißtechnik und Verschleißschutzsysteme GmbH also offers suited filler materials.

Power sources for submerged-arc welding

Power Sources

Welding rectifiers and welding transformers for submerged-arc welding

KA welding automat

Welding Automats

Welding tractors and welding heads for fully automated SA welding

Wire feeding unit DV UP-H

Manual SA Welding Technique

Wire feeder and torch for manual submerged-arc welding

Flux container 10 Litres

Flux Supply

Flux containers from 6 to 100 Litres with optional heating as well as solutions for flux recovery

Seam tracking with laser pointer

Seam Tracking

Optical, tactile and contactless seam tracking systems

Digital Control DigiKAS

Digital Control

Personalised and experienced job management