Product Information

Three-phase MIG/MAG pulsed synergic and multi-process inverter for MIG/MAG, LIFTIG and MMA welding. Robust equipment for industrial use. Compact and modular equipment for easy displacement and cooling unit option. Models with synergic welding programs for mild steels, stainless steels and aluminum. Electronic inductance adjustment for filling or penetration welds. Excellent arc ignition.





Input voltage 3x400V (+/- 10%)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum primary current (MIG/MMA/TIG) 24A/26A/19A
Maximum power (MIG/MMA/TIG) 16,4/17,8/13,2kVA
No-load voltage 95V
Current regulation 30-300A
Duty Cycle 80% 300A
Duty Cycle 100% 270A
Wire diameter (Solid/fluxed) Ømm 0,6-1,2/0,9-1,6
No. Feed Rolls - Motor Power 4R - 75W encoder
Wire speed 1,4-18,1 m/min
Post-gas time 0-10 s
Protection IP 21S
Insulation class H
Weight 79,3kg
Dimensions 723 x 557 x 980 mm