Product Information

Three-phase power supply rectifiers for MMA and LIFTIG welding in direct current with electronic current adjustment. Optimized for all types of electrodes up to 8 Ø mm (rutile, basic, stainless, aluminum and hard facing) Arc-Air cutting and gouging with electrodes up to 8 Ø mm Simple and intuitive control panel with Hot Start and Arc […]


current type A.D
supply voltage 3x400V (+/- 10%)
Power factor cos Φ 0.98
Maximum primary current (MMA) 67A
Maximum power (MMA) 46kVA
no-load voltage 76V
welding current 6-600A
Arc Air Current 100-850A
Gear factor at 60% 600A
Gear factor at 100% 465A
ARC-AIR gear factor at 30% 850A
ARC-AIR gear factor at 60% 600A
ARC-AIR gear factor at 100% 450A
electrodes Ø 8.0mm
Arc-Air electrodes Ø 8.0mm
Protection IP21S
insulation class H
DIGITAL weight II 208.5 kg
SHIPYARD weight 218 kg
RAIL weight 206.5 kg
DIGIT II Dimensions 780 x 670 x 980 mm
SHIPYARD Dimensions 780 x 670 x 980 mm
RAIL dimensions 660 x 560 x 1020 mm