Product Information

With the AL-ARM laser system, repair work on pores,
bullet holes and offset seams can be carried out in a mobile, quick and flexible manner in body construction.
In mold making, you can weld directly in the press or milling machine – without set-up times



Alfa Laser


Laser type / wavelength Fiber laser, 1070 nm
Medium performance 450 W
CW performance 450 W
Pulse peak power 4500 W
Pulse energy 45 y
Pulse duration 0.2 ms - CW
Pulse rate Single pulse -100 Hz
Electrical connection 3-phase, 16 A
Operating modes Pulsed / CW
Welding point Ø 0.2-3 mm, optionally 0.1-4.0 mm
Focus distance 120 mm
Pulse shaping Adjustability of the power curve within a laser pulse
Energy chain length 3.5 m