Product Information

Inverters with single phase power supply for MMA and LIFTIG DC welding. Excellent welding properties in rutile and basic electrodes with adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force function and pulsed MMA function for overhead welding, parts with gap, or different material thicknesses improving the end of the bead Arc Off function that allows you to […]


Input voltage 1x230V (+/- 10%)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum primary current (MMA/TIG) 49/33A
Maximum power (MMA/TIG) 11,3/7,6 kVA
Fuse 32 A
No-load voltage 63 V
Welding current 10-220 A
Duty Cycle 40% 220A
Duty Cycle 60% 180A
Duty Cycle 100% 140A
Electrodes Ø 5.0 mm
Protection IP 21S
Insulation class H
Weight 6,5 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxL) 360 x 220 x 440 mm