Product Information

Inverters with single-phase power input for TIG and MMA welding in direct current (DC). Dynamics function for constant thermal delivery and SPOT for timed welding. A professional TIG machine with all welding parameters adjustable. Pre-gas, post-gas, initial and final current, up and down ramps, pulsed adjustment (balance and frequency). Models with 20 memories to memorize […]


Input voltage 1x230V (+/- 10%)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum primary current (MMA/TIG) 43/30A
Maximum power (MMA/TIG) 9,9/6,9 kVA
Fuse 32A
No-load voltage 80V
Welding current 10-200A
Duty Cycle 40% 200A
Duty Cycle 60% 160A
Duty Cycle 100% 125A
Electrodes Ø 5.0 mm
Protection IP 21S
Insulation class H
Weight 7,6 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxL) 150 x 240 x 390 mm