Product Information

A stable sheet steel construction with continuous powder coating guarantees a low maintenance operation even under rough conditions.

A baffle plate serves to pre-separate gross particles. Afterwards, the filter cartridge separates the remaining dusts and fumes. The filters are dedusted at a maintenance door by means of a compressed air pistol on the clean air side. The particles are collected in a dust collecting drawer and can be disposed aft





Width [mm]: 665
Depth [mm]: 820
Length [mm]: 1365
Diameter [mm]: 160
Weight [kg]: 130
Filter surface [m²]: 10
Engine power (kW): 1.1
Volumetric flow [m³/h]: 3000
Depression [Pa]: 2900
Supply voltage (V): 400
Connection frequency [Hz]: 50
Current consumption (A): 2.6
Sound level [dB(A)]: 70
Separation efficiency [%]: > 99
Pre-filter: Baffle plate
Main-filter: filter cartridge
Automatic cleaning: manual